November 2021 | CCI: a slight rebound in confidence
20 December 2021

The CCI is getting back on track. The highly anticipated decline observed last month has been reversed. The Consumer Confidence Index has increased from -32.5 in October to -31 in November (by 1.5 index points).

October 2021 | CCI: Positive sentiments reversed
21 November 2021

The CCI is falling again. After the increase of consumer confidence in September, it dropped to a level similar to June, before the trend had reversed over the remaining summer months. The CCI decreased from -29.5 in September to -32.5 in October, with both the Present Situation Index and the Expectations Index moving downwards.

September 2021 | CCI: positive sentiments awaken
01 November 2021

The CCI is catching up. After decreasing consumer confidence during the summer, the CCI rose by 4.7 index points in September (from -34.2 in August to -29.5 in September). Both the Present Situation Index and the Expectations Index moved upwards in tandem. The Present Situation Index increased by 3 index points, and the Expectations Index by 6.3.

July-August 2021 | CCI: Trend reversal in summer
29 September 2021

Consumer confidence decreases over the summer. After the upward trend observed starting in April, consumer confidence fell in July and August to almost equal levels, with a slight increase in August. In July, the overall index decreased by 2.3 points, from -32.1 in June to -34.4 in July. In August, it slightly increased to -34.2.

June 2021 | CCI: Upward trend continues
04 July 2021

A minor increase in consumer confidence in June 2021. The trend of increasing CCI continued from March 2021, this time with a slight 0.9 percentage point increase (from -33.2 in May to -32.1 in June) after a significant jump of 5 points from the previous month.