April 2019 | CCI: What happened to expectations of Georgian consumers?
06 May 2019

According to a nationally representative sample of 320 Georgians, interviewed in early April 2019, the Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) decreased by nearly two index points, from -18.9 in March to -20.8 in April. A similar pattern was observed in one of the sub-indices: the Expectations Index declined by 4.3 index points (from -14.1 to -18.4) compared to March, while the Present Situation Index experienced a slight improvement, by 0.3 index points (from -23.6 to -23.3).

Case Studies: Learning from the Experience of Georgian Entrepreneurs
30 July 2018

This volume brings together eight case studies of young Georgian entrepreneurs, men and women who had the courage to take a risk and set up their own businesses. The eight case studies allow readers to accompany these entrepreneurs on the challenging journey of doing business in a very difficult environment, with very limited access to finance, knowledge and modern technology.

Georgian and Armenian “Deplorables” and "Desperados" Taking It to the Streets
18 June 2018

Georgian and Armenian ruling parties have been until recently basking in the glory of high GDP growth rates. Armenia’s stellar growth performance of 7.5% in 2017 and Georgia’s respectable 5% are, indeed, worthy of praise. However, do these figures really matter for the objective well-being of the majority of Georgians and Armenians? Second, how does economic growth, as measured by GDP, affect people’s subjective perception of happiness?

December 2017 | CCI: 2017 was a good year for Georgian consumers (and producers, too)!
31 December 2017

Georgian Consumer Confidence (CCI) continued to improve, albeit slightly, in December 2017. CCI added 0.5 index points over November 2017, and 8.7 index points y/y, which is compared to December 2016. Interestingly, people’s perceptions of the recent past and expectations diverged in December. CCI’s Present Situation sub-index went down by 2.3 points m/m, from -23.2 to -25.5), whereas the Expectations sub-index went up by 3.4 index points (from -13.4 to -10).

September 2017 | CCI: Marmorated stinkbug devastates Georgia’s hazelnut crops and eats into consumer confidence
08 November 2017

For several consecutive years, we have been observing a seasonal spike in Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) coinciding in time with young wine festivals (rtveli) and post-harvest euphoria in rural Georgia. Not this year. In September 2017, CCI lost 2.6 points, going down from -16.4 to -19. Both CCI components, the present situation, and expectations indices declined, by 3.4 and 1.9 points, respectively.