Real Estate Market Highlights, #5 | January-March 2017
01 May 2017

With a total of 21 611 property sales, Georgian real estate market in Q1 2017 grew by 6.1% (YoY). 194 new buildings with total area of 301.1 thousand sq.m were completed in Tbilisi during Q1 2017.

What Does It Take to Become a “Vakeli“?
01 April 2017

Vake has always been one of the most prestigious districts in Tbilisi and being a “Vakeli” has been associated with high social status for no obvious reasons. In the picture: Vake Park, one of a few green places in Tbilisi and thus a big asset for the Vake district. Maybe having an opportunity to walk every day in this park makes people living in Vake so special.

Real Estate Market Highlights, #4 | November-December 2016
07 March 2017

In 2016, GEO real property market grew substantially. With a total of 89 120 transactions, the market this year surpassed 2015 by 20.2%. The highest number of sales was registered in AUG-16 & DEC-16, with 8 076 and 8 099 units respectively.

Real Estate Market Highlights, #3 | October 2016
14 December 2016

During the last 10 months (January-October, 2016) 605 new buildings with total area of 1 202 828 sq.m have been supplied to the real property market. This represents 53.6% and 74.2% growth, respectively, over the same period last year.

Real Estate Market Highlights, #2 | July-September 2016
08 November 2016

Tbilisi real property market continues to grow steadily. Total sales grew to 3331 units in September 2016 to hit a new monthly record. Market rose also in July 2016 followed by slight decrease in August 2016.