Second Phase of SME Reforms Conducted
02 February 2018

The second phase assessment of the SME/Innovations Development reforms was conducted within the ReforMeter over the course of February.

Fighting Drug Addiction: Can Georgia Do It Better? An Economist's View of Georgia’s Drug Policy Reform
29 January 2018

Drug policy reform is now at the center of a heated debate in Georgia. Despite the importance of the subject, however, most of the discussions I have heard so far are based on phobias and myths, rather than on evidence. This is a pity, as a society will ultimately have to decide on the subject by voting YES or NO on this reform, thereby choosing between very different potential outcomes. Having an informed opinion on the issue is, therefore, extremely important.

Who Gets to Eat from the Growing Pie?
23 December 2017

2017 is shaping up as one of the best years in Georgia’s post-2008 crisis history. The economy is expected to expand by about 5%, beating early expectations and official forecasts by the likes of the IMF and the World Bank. Based on updated GeoStat figures for Q1 and Q2, ISET-PI’s annual growth forecast currently stands at 4.9%.

Do You Have Questions About the Upcoming Pension Reform? Here Are Some Answers
11 December 2017

Over the past months, we have been asked several times questions about the upcoming pension reform. Here are some answers.

Policy analysis of the ongoing economic reforms
01 December 2017

The objective of this initiative is to complement the mission of ReforMeter by providing an in-depth analysis of government reform efforts through policy briefs, innovative indicators and other analytical products.