We May Not Be Hungry, but We Are Starving...
30 April 2016

It is a well-known fact that nearly a half of the Georgian population is involved in agriculture, while Georgia imports around 60% of all the food it consumes. High food import share and food security are important issues for Georgia, widely discussed among the policymakers and in the media. One issue that remains largely in the shadows of public attention is Georgia’s struggle with nutritional deficiencies and unhealthy, undiversified diets.

Public lecture on Procrastination, Academic Success and Effectiveness of a Remedial Program
21 April 2016

On 21 April 2016, ISET hosted Maria De Paola from the University of Calabria, who presented a paper by Vincenzo Scoppa and De Paola herself, entitled 'Procrastination, Academic Success and the Effectiveness of a Remedial Program'.

The ISET Economist Blog Recognized by the EU Prize of Journalism as One of the Most Informative Online Media in Georgia
24 February 2016

The ISET Economist Blog was recognized as one of the three most informative online media in Georgia at the award ceremony of the EU Prize for Journalism 2015. This prestigious prize is the first of its kind in Georgia to acknowledge excellence in written press, TV, radio, and social media reflecting high journalistic standards and contributing to a better understanding of European values.

Decent Income in Old Age: Georgian Dream or Reality?
06 February 2016

If you visit any post-Soviet country after spending some time in the West, one thing strikes you immediately: the average age of visible poverty. Not only are you more likely to see old people begging on the streets, but old people are also dressed more poorly, and tend to buy the cheapest things on the market.

02 February 2016

The International School of Economics is seeking Multimedia Specialist. Multimedia Specialist is generally responsible for producing, managing, and publishing print, web, and multimedia materials for ISET and ISET-PI (including video and visualizations). S/he will report to Head of Communications Department.