April 2019 | Agri Review
01 May 2019

In 2018, FDI in agriculture constituted 15.9 mln. USD. While the total FDI in 2018 was lower than in 2017, FDI in agriculture has significantly increased (by 28.2%). The highest FDI in agriculture was observed in the second quarter of 2018, while there was divestment (negative FDI) in the first quarter of 2018. The divestment was quite small and was followed by a significant increase in other quarters.

April 2019 GDP Forecast | No credit, no party! Can improved external statistics (except FDI!) and increased volume of deposits still guarantee stable growth?
08 April 2019

ISET-PI’s forecasted real GDP growth for the first two quarters of 2019 remain at 4.3% and 4.6%, respectively. Geostat has released its rapid estimate of real GDP growth for February 2019. Their estimated growth stands at 4.6%, while the average real GDP growth for January-February 2019 reached 4.1%.

March 2018 | Agri Review
20 March 2018

During the last decade, real GDP of Georgia has been steadily increasing, while share of agriculture has been decreasing. The share of agricultural output in total GDP decreased from 6.7% on 2016 to 6.2% in 2017. Agricultural output decreased in absolute terms as well by 2.6% in 2017 compared to 2016.

Student Policy Seminar Series: Foreign Direct Investment
01 February 2018

ISET continues its student policy seminar series, this time with Mariam Katsadze, Mariam Dvalishvili, Tsotne Marghia, Elene Ghviniashvili, and Giorgi Nebulishvili presenting their research results under the supervision of Eric Livny, President of ISET, and Yaroslava Babych, head of the Macroeconomic Policy Research Center, at the ISET Policy Institute.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) & Economic Growth. Case of Georgia
10 April 2017

On April 10, ISET students delivered yet another policy seminar. A presentation entitled “Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) & Economic Growth. Case of Georgia” was delivered by Givi Gujaraidze, Tinatin Mumladze, Kristine Gureshidze, and Shota Bakhuashvili under the supervision of Eric Livny, President of ISET, and Yaroslava Babych, Head of Macroeconomic Policy Research Center at ISET Policy Institute.