Alumnus visits ISET, outlines new research paper
17 May 2019

It is always gratifying when an alumnus returns to ISET; it is naturally satisfying and pleasing for staff and faculty to hear about the successful exploits of a former student, but perhaps more importantly it is inspiring for the next generations to see first-hand what might be achieved with the right amount of hard work and dedication.

Academic Programs Coordinator – BA program
19 March 2019

Academic programs coordinator serves ISET BA students and faculty and ensure smooth teaching and learning processes.

ISET’s Professor Muhammad Asali Publishes Paper in International Journal
28 February 2019

ISET would like to congratulate Professor Muhammad Asali on the publication of his new article, entitled “A Tale of Two Tracks,” in the Education Economics journal.

Labor Market Discrimination and the Macroeconomy
14 February 2019

On February 14, Prof. Muhammad Asali delivered a research seminar and presented his work on the relationship between the labor market and the healthiness of the economy. The paper, entitled “Labor Market Discrimination and the Macroeconomy,” which is a joint work with his former student Ms. Rusudan Gurashvili, aimed at measuring and documenting the discriminatory wage gaps in Georgia within gender and ethnic dimensions.

PhD Studies – Who Is It for?
04 February 2019

“You need to think carefully before you jump into this deep sea,” said Professor Daniel Levy at the very beginning of a presentation entitled “Ph.D. Studies – Who Is It For?”. While this statement sounded frightening to those who were planning to pursue a Ph.D. or other further studies, it appeared to be more bemusing for others who were not considering a career in academia.