Alumnus visits ISET, outlines new research paper
Friday, 17 May, 2019

It is always gratifying when an alumnus returns to ISET; it is naturally satisfying and pleasing for staff and faculty to hear about the successful exploits of a former student, but perhaps more importantly it is inspiring for the next generations to see first-hand what might be achieved with the right amount of hard work and dedication.

Likewise, it may also be said that it benefits the graduate to return to their origins. To this end, Robizon Khubulashvili, a current Ph.D. student of Pennsylvania State University, came back to ISET on May 17 to give a seminar on his ongoing research project, entitled ‘Reputation Effects on Free Riding: Theory and Experiment’.

In the project, Robizon studies a model in which reputational concerns might to the failure of a partnership due to the fact that players want to avoid free-riding from each other. He develops a model with two expected utility maximizing agents who collectively engage in a project with uncertain duration and outcome. Every period, participant partners make two decisions, to work or not to work, and to share or not to share in the case of success. He shows that working as well as sharing incentives may depend on a reputation. Robizon designed an experiment to test theoretical predictions in the laboratory, which he then demonstrated to the audience.

ISET would like to thank Robizon for coming back to the institute and showing both his former professors and the next generations how much he has been able to achieve. ISET wishes him every success with the publication of his paper and hopes that he will visit again in the future.