New Academic Success for ISET Faculty Members and ISET-PI Researcher
31 March 2017

ISET would like to congratulate two of its resident faculty members, Karine Torosyan and Norberto Pignatti, and ISET-PI Senior Researcher Maka Chitanava, on the publication of their joint paper.

ISET visits State Military Scientific-Technical Center “Delta”
17 February 2017

On February 17, interested ISET faculty, staff and students visited the Ministry of Defence's research and development centre, Delta, at the invitation of Ilia Zhorzholiani, an ISET alumnus working as the facility's Chief Auditor. The visitors were shown many of Delta's products (which were of particular interest to ISET personnel with prior military experience), including sniper systems, mortars, weapon optics and light armoured vehicles.

New Academic Success for Norberto Pignatti
16 November 2016

ISET is proud to announce that resident faculty member Norberto Pignatti has recently become a research fellow at the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA), a private, independent research institute based in Bonn (Germany), which conducts nationally and internationally-oriented labor market research. IZA runs the world's largest research network in economic science, comprising over 1,300 international Research Fellows and Affiliates, as well as Policy Fellows from business, politics, society, and the media.

ISET Expands Scandinavian Horizons
18 October 2016

Like almost everyone else across the European continent, ISET has the utmost respect for Scandinavian economic power, and in recent weeks has been deepening ties with economic institutions in the region. As well as hosting guests from the Stockholm School of Economics, ISET also dispatched two members of its resident faculty to Norway.

World Economy and Comparative Development in Eastern Europe
17 October 2016

In what has been a decidedly international few months for ISET with recent visits to Japan, Norway, and India (as well as a trip to Uzbekistan in late October), yet another member of the institute's faculty has traveled abroad, this time to Germany.