ISET Resident Faculty Members Publish New Paper
17 December 2018

ISET would like to congratulate resident faculty members Muhammad Asali, Norberto Pignatti, and Sophiko Skhirtladze on the publication of their new article, entitled “Employment discrimination in the former Soviet Union Republic: Evidence from a field experiment” and published in the Journal of Comparative Economics.

Are Giorgi and Mariam More Employable than Arthur and Zeynab?
14 December 2018

It all started with a simple exercise for my Master’s project in which I tried to understand the underlying causes of the observed wage gap between ethnic Georgians and ethnic minorities in the country. After more than a decade, a reputable international journal has published a paper reporting on the experimental evidence my colleagues and I collected and analyzed on labor market outcomes for ethnic minority and female citizens of Georgia.

ISET Professor Publishes Paper in Journal of Comparative Economics
21 September 2018

ISET would like to congratulate resident faculty member Norberto Pignatti on the publication of a new article (together with Hartmut Lehmann of the University of Bologna) entitled “Informal Employment Relationships and the Labor Market: is there Segmentation in Ukraine?”, in the Journal of Comparative Economics.

ISET's Senior Researcher Attends Development Forum in Australia
23 August 2018

Tamta Maridashvili, a Senior Research Fellow at the Social Policy Research Center, attended the Asian Think Tank Development Forum 2018 on August 22-23.

Israel is About to Make a Solomon’s Judgment about Georgian Laborers
30 March 2018

According to NBG, the volume of total remittances to Georgia amounted to 1,379 million USD in 2017, a 19.8% YoY increase. The recovery of remittances is a clear sign that the economies of Georgia’s partner countries continue to improve. All top source countries of money inflows to Georgia showed a notable increase: Russia (+15.4% YoY), Italy (+17.9% YoY), the United States (+11.2% YoY), and Greece (+13.4% YoY).