June 2024 | Media (de)Polarization Index
01 July 2024

Following a peak in polarization in May, attributed to the adoption of the 'Law of Foreign Influence,' there was a dramatic decline in polarization throughout the first month of summer. This decrease coincided with the successful participation of the Georgian football team in Euro 2024, which fostered a sense of national unity and pride.

Europe and our future well-being
03 June 2024

The project aims to raise awareness and boost participation in the democratic process, fostering a strong and inclusive understanding of the benefits of EU integration for all age and ethnic groups in Georgia. Our goal is to communicate the tangible advantages of democracy and the EU path to Georgian youth and regional populations. Utilizing social media, we share compelling evidence highlighting the benefits of a European future for Georgia. The campaign is inclusive, with content available in Armenian and Azeri to reach minority groups.

May 2024 | Media (de)Polarization Index
31 May 2024

Polarization intensified further with the approval of the so-called Russian Law and the ongoing demonstrations. The index's peak coincides with large demonstrations in Europe Square and the overriding of the president's veto on the Russian law.

April 2024 | Media (de)Polarization Index
30 April 2024

The Index shows that media polarization increased in April 2024 which could be driven by reintroducing the so-called "Russian Law".

Georgia’s European future: a hope for resolving political polarization
28 March 2024

Political polarization erodes trust in public institutions, it damages political process, negatively affects economic development, distracts social development and relationships in society, and it may eventually lead to the backsliding of democracy.