March 2022 | CCI Quick Recovery
19 April 2022

CCI’s quick comeback. After consumer confidence hit the lowest point since the pandemic this February, it rapidly got back on track in March. The index increased by 10.9 index points, from -42.4 in February to -31.5 in March.

February 2022 | CCI: hits its lowest mark since the pandemic
23 March 2022

A massive decline in CCI. The decline in consumer confidence continues. However, the magnitude in February is quite high—the index decreased by 10.1 index points and fell to -42.4, the all-time low seen since the pandemic hit.

January 2022 | CCI: reversal in December’s trend
22 February 2022

The CCI has fallen again. After a slight rebound of the Consumer Confidence Index in November, the index further improved in December from -31 to -29.8. However, in January the index decreased by 2.5 index points and fell to -32.3. Both the Present Situation Index and the Expectations Index followed the same trend in December as well as in January, with the Present Situation Index decreasing by 1.9 index points and the Expectations Index by 3.2 points (Chart 1).

November 2021 | CCI: a slight rebound in confidence
20 December 2021

The CCI is getting back on track. The highly anticipated decline observed last month has been reversed. The Consumer Confidence Index has increased from -32.5 in October to -31 in November (by 1.5 index points).

December 2021 GDP Forecast | Poised to see a nearly 10% GDP growth in 2021, Georgia still struggles with inflation, stagnant consumer confidence and slow tourism recovery
16 December 2021

Recently, Geostat released its preliminary estimate of real GDP growth for the first and second quarters of 2021. The Q1 and Q2 growth rates were revised upward to -4.1% (by 0.4 ppt) and downward to 28.9% (by 1 ppt) respectively. The real GDP growth rate amounted to 6.9% year-on-year for October 2021. Consequently, the estimated real GDP growth for the first ten months of 2021 was 10.5%.