Georgia's RMIDP Infrastructure Project Assessment
02 March 2015

Assessment of economic benefits of the road, water and sewage infrastructure rehabilitation performed in several Georgian cities in the framework of the World Bank Regional and Municipal Infrastructure Development Project (RMIDP + AF).

Cost-Benefit Analysis for Government Professionals
27 February 2015

In cooperation with the German Economic Team Georgia (GET Georgia) and the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, ISET-PI is offering a course in Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) for Government Professionals. The course has been designed for economists in Georgian ministries who evaluate investment projects. Participants will learn how to design and conduct a CBA.

Green Growth: How Georgia Could Benefit
29 December 2014

Green policies might stimulate growth in Georgia through various effects, depending on the sector they target. For example, monetizing emission reductions has a high potential for success and could be marketed to other countries as a sustainable solution to automotive emission.

Does Country-of-Origin Matter? The Case of Georgian Wine for German Wine Consumers
04 September 2014

On September 4, 2014, ISET Conference Hall hosted Dr Sophie Ghvanidze, Hochschule Heilbronn, with her presentation. Does Country-of-Origin Matter? The Case of Georgian Wine for German Wine Consumers". The purpose of this study is to identify dimensions of country images of Georgia in terms of benefits sought by German wine consumers of Georgian wine.

Pilot Cost-Benefit Analysis for Alliances Project
04 August 2014

Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) is an economic tool for the comparison of costs and benefits associated with various alternatives. This tool is used to systematically estimate the strengths and weaknesses of different options of investing capital. It is a technique that is used to determine options that provide the best outcomes in terms of benefits in labor, time and cost savings etc.