Policy Briefs

Business Services: Potential In Georgia
Friday, 31 July, 2015

The Policy Brief predicted the potential for Georgia to specialize in the international provision of business services (PP/01/2015).

  • The potential was predicted in the service trade category of “other business services”, encompassing mainly:

– Operational leasing services: International leasing of equipment

– Legal and accounting services, Management consulting, and public relations

– Advertising, market research

– R&D, architectural and technical services

  • We proceed in two stages:

 1. Analysis of the current situation in Georgia and on the world market

2. Competitive potential of Georgia for producing these goods

  • Goal: Plausibility check of predicted potential

Since September 2014, the ISET Policy Institute has been working with the German Economic Team (GET). In May 2015 ISET-PI and GET extended their partnership and began working on a variety of policy briefs for Georgia's industrial development. These briefs will simultaneously advance research in the sector and provide the Georgian government a set of guidelines for the development of its own policy, exploring where Georgia's comparative advantages lie. The German Economic Team is a consulting group that provides advisory services to the Georgian government on economic policy and is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

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