ISET Policy Institute's lead economists write for IMF
Friday, 28 May, 2021

ISET’s is pleased to announce that two of our lead economists, Yasya Babych and Luc Leruth, have teamed up to create their latest blog (Balancing ‘Maintenance’ and ‘Investment’) alongside Christiane Roehler, a Senior Economist at IMF. Their blog is currently available directly on the IMF’s blog platform. In authoring the work, Luc Leruth brings his years of career engagement from various world-renowned financial institutions, combined with Yasya Babych’s extensive research in the field of macroeconomics.

ISET researchers regularly cooperate with other notable economists from around the world, and this is one in a long line of such partnerships. This inspirational interdepartmental and international collaboration once again highlights the extent that ISET’s economists are participating in meaningful and prominent research. We’re extremely happy to find world-class economists collaborating at the international level to review such critical issues. That’s exactly why for years ISET, as one of our core values, has developed its Economists’ Blog series to inform and educate the public on different topics.

The blog itself can be found HERE.