ISET Graduates Continue Pursuing Ph.D. Degrees Abroad
Tuesday, 21 October, 2014

Each year top students from ISET receive exceptionally promising and appealing offers to continue their graduate education at some of the best universities in the world. ISET graduates have been pursuing their Ph.D.’s at top universities such as the University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, Stanford University, New York University, etc. 32 ISETers have been selected throughout the past 8 years.

Another six ISET graduates have successfully continued the path towards their Ph.D. Degrees this year. With the full support of ISET’s senior international faculty, they are currently engaged in the first year of their studies. Most of them have already done some of their own research being a part of ISET’s “Third Year Program” working with ISET-PI on policy projects relevant to the fields of their interest, contributing to the ISET Economist Blog, and taking online math classes to get ready for the “boot camp” experience awaiting them in the US or Europe.

“ISET has been a great experience, it was very tough and at the same time, very special. Most importantly, it was what got me here, at the University of Virginia. None of it would have been possible had it not been for ISET and all the support I received throughout my study and application periods. The skills I have acquired during my MA seem to be a perfect fit for my Ph.D. and I am eternally grateful for all of that knowledge.” – Ia Vardishvili, ISET Graduate, the year 2013.

Nino Abashidze
  University of North Carolina
Robizon Khubulashvili
Pennsylvania State University
Nana Mukbaniani
City University of New York
Archil Rostomashvili
Giorgi Tsutskiridze
Arizona State University
Ia Vardishvili
University of Virginia