ISET’s “Save the Trees” Initiative
Friday, 23 January, 2015

Since October 2014, ISET has been regularly collecting and delivering scrap paper to Makuliteratura. Established in 2012, Makuliteratura is an organization that collects waste paper (old books, papers, magazines, and newspapers) and exchanges the waste paper it receives for new books. At ISET, we noticed that our students were printing a lot of materials for assignments and course readings. Once the assignments and readings were completed, however, there was a significant amount of waste paper not being put to use. As such, last May ISET decided to begin collecting its waste paper in the School’s library and donating it to Makuliteratura.

Since January, ISET has delivered 501 kg of paper and has accumulated 501 “tree points”, which have since been exchanged for 36 children’s books. Soon, we will have a small library. In May 2015, we intend to donate over 100 books to orphanages and children’s shelters in Georgia.

As a fun trivia question, do you know how many trees can be saved by recycling one ton of paper? The answer is 17! As of today, ISET has saved 8.5 trees.