Good Jobs for Inclusive Growth in Central and West Asia
Thursday, 17 December, 2015

On December 14-16 ISET Policy Institute representatives participated in an inception workshop organized by the Asian Development Bank in Bangkok, Thailand. This workshop was held in the scope of the study on “Good Jobs for Inclusive Growth in Central and West Asia” (GJIG study). GJIG study unites 8 countries of the region and aims to offer policymakers solutions to problems of labor markets and to suggest ways to promote inclusive growth by creating “good” jobs – jobs that are well-paid, productive, and safe.

ISET was represented by Mr. Michael Beenstock (ISET Policy Expert Committee member, Visiting Lecturer) and Ms. Maka Chitanava (ISET-PI senior researcher).

The workshop provided a platform to discuss issues of inequality and economic development, employment and labor market policies, and the creation of enabling conditions for inclusive growth. Country teams presented recent labor market and inequality trends, problems and methodological approaches to research questions. Mr. Beenstock presented inclusive economic development in Georgia and Ms. Chitanava’s presentation was about employment and labor market policies in the country. A multidisciplinary team of participants enriched by a large diversity in backgrounds, experiences, and expertise made the three-day intensive workshop very productive and interesting. This meeting created a solid basis for the study, identified peculiarities and commonalities of the West and Central Asian region, further steps, and research directions.