Final Workshop on the Crop Insurance Reform in Georgia
Friday, 06 November, 2015

On November 5th, 2015 APRC at ISET Policy Institute presented the final results of a study called Regulatory Impact Assessment on crop insurance in Georgia. The goal of the workshop was to present and discuss the final results of RIA which was conducted by the APRC team from June to October 2015.

The following stakeholders attended the meeting: Agricultural Projects Management Agency (APMA), Georgian Insurance Association (GIA), insurance companies, Georgian Farmers’ Association (GFA), a USAID project Governing for Growth (G4G), and Agroinsurance International.

The main presenter of the study was Pati Mamardashvili, the head of APRC, who briefly talked about the insurance market and the results of the pilot project. The presentation gave a short introduction to the topic, outlining the situation before the pilot insurance program and the key figures of two pilot programs (2014 and 2015).

After summarizing stakeholder consultation procedures, the presenter described two main policy options analyzed in this study. As next, the model employed was presented and the costs and benefits considered for each stakeholder were outlined. Afterward, the main results of RIA and a concluding summary were presented to the audience.

The presentation was followed by a discussion, in which the participants were invited to reflect on the results of RIA. After an active discussion workshop participants agreed that this study was an important step forward to achieve the final decision.