March 2023 | Agri Review
31 March 2023

The budget for the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture (MEPA) amounted to 698.5 million GEL (an increase of 10.0 million GEL) in 2023. Most of the assigned budget was distributed toward the following areas:

  • Food safety, plant protection, and epizootic safety - 63.5 mln. GEL;
  • Development of viticulture and winemaking - 67.4 mln. GEL;
  • Unified agricultural project - 346.4 mln. GEL.
  • Modernization of the amelioration system - 95.0 mln. GEL;
  • Environmental supervision - 26.0 mln. GEL;
  • Establishment and management of protected areas - up to 31.5 mln. GEL;
  • Development and management of the forestry system - up to 21.0 mln. GEL;
  • State program for sustainable land management and land use monitoring - 4.4 mln. GEL.

The largest share of MEPA funding has traditionally been directed towards the Rural Development Agency (RDA), Georgian Amelioration (GA), and the National Wine Agency (NWA), with respective shares of 53%, 14%, and 10%. 

The budget for the unified agricultural project, implemented by the RDA, is distributed among different agricultural development projects, namely: preferential agro-credits - 200.0 mln. GEL; agricultural insurance - 12.0 mln. GEL; the “Plant the Future” project - 35.0 mln. GEL; co-financing projects for processing and storage enterprises - 25.0 mln. GEL; promoting development in the agro sector - 10.0 mln. GEL; co-financing agricultural mechanization - 17.0 mln. GEL; and promoting hazelnut production - 20.0 mln. GEL. 

The financing of environmental protection programs within the Ministry’s allocation increased by 10.8 million GEL compared to the first version of the 2023 budget project, and it amounted to 92.7 million GEL.