Business Development Office

Mason Soule
Project Officer
+995 322 507 177 (შიდა: 242)

Mason Soule is a Project Officer at ISET-PI, where he is responsible for identifying grant opportunities and international collaborations, and for supporting proposal and business development with the five thematic centers. He is a Ph.D. Candidate (ABD) regional economist from Indiana University. He completed a long career in contract research – proposing, organizing, managing, and evaluating programs and assessing technologies associated with national security-related industries for Battelle Memorial Institute.

On a recent Tbilisi-based program funded by the US Government, Mr. Soule was Battelle’s expat Country Officer in Georgia, leading commercialization and sustainability activities aimed at identifying international business and scientific collaborators for the Lugar Center laboratory and for the Georgian animal and human health bio-laboratory network. For over a decade he also was a key organizer of an annually held chemical-biological-nuclear defense conference supported by the governments of Croatia, Georgia, and Switzerland, and which was twice hosted in Tbilisi by the State Security Service.