Governing Board

Nerses Yeritsiyan
Deputy Chairman, Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia

Nerses Yeritsyan represents the government of the Republic of Armenia on the ISET Governing Board. He currently holds the position of the Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia since December 22, 2010. His previous work experience includes the Parliament of the Republic of Armenia, the Central Bank of Armenia (CBA), and the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Armenia. In the Central Bank of Armenia, he successively held the following positions: Advisor to the Chairman, Head of Monetary Policy Department, Member of the Board for two terms, Senior Advisor to the Chairman (Deputy Chairman of the Managerial Board), and Acting Head of the Financial Monitoring Center (FMC/FIU). Nerses Yeritsyan held also the position of Advisor to the Dutch Executive Director at the International Monetary Fund.

His professional activities cover the areas related to private and financial sector development, monetary policy development, banking, and financial markets. Nerses Yeritsyan has been working extensively on the Pension, Inspection Development, Quality Infrastructure, E-Armenia, Business Environment Improvement and Capital Market Development Reforms in Armenia. He is the author of several scientific articles, including the “Central Bank Operations, Monetary Policy” chapter of Textbook on Modern Banking in Armenia. He has come up with a pack of lectures on “Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets” at Yerevan Institute of National Economy. Nerses Yeritsyan became a member of the Armenian Republican Party in November 2009. Nerses Yeritsyan holds a degree of Doctor of Economics (Thesis - “Challenges in Designing and Implementing of Financial Programs in Armenia”).