Detecting Tourism Bottlenecks
19 December 2012

Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index of UN (T&T CI) ranked Georgia 73, in 2011. With this rank, Georgia topped the South Caucasus region nevertheless, maintaining the same rank as in 2009.

Touristic Destination or Trade Corridor?
17 December 2012

Georgia’s competitiveness is said to hinge on its strategic location between East and West. The latest data on border crossings (by people and trucks) allow us to shed light on progress to date and take a glimpse into the future.

Rule of Law and Property Rights, the Economics Perspective
14 December 2012

“Don’t rush to judgment on Georgia” was the title of a recent article by Michael Cecire in Foreign Policy (FP). Written in an apparent reaction to “Georgian Dream shows its dark side” (FP, November 29), and “Georgia’s government takes a wrong turn” (Washington Post, November 28), Cecire’s piece attempts to provide a more objective account of the situation.

Agricultural Productivity in Georgia and Armenia, a Sequel
26 November 2012

In his blog post “The puzzle of agricultural productivity in Georgia and Armenia”, Adam Pellillo raises the following question.

Math Education – an Engine of Economic Growth in the 21st Century
23 November 2012

Mathematical literacy has always been a key factor in improving a country’s productivity and competitiveness. Stanford University’s Eric Hanushek has shown that there is a positive relationship between students’ performance in mathematics tests and economic growth.