National Competitiveness Report
29 March 2013

In the globalized world of today, increasing national competitiveness has become an important policy target for any country. While engaging in mutually beneficial trade, technological and cultural exchanges, countries find themselves in a race for scarce mobile resources such as financial capital and talent.

The Economics of Happiness
19 March 2013

The Kingdom of Bhutan is a very special country. When in 2004 King Wangchuck announced that there would be free elections and the kingdom would be gradually transformed into a democracy, people demonstrated in the streets against these reforms.

Free Trade vs. Protectionism: Georgia's Contribution to an Old Debate
01 March 2013

Georgia is flooded with cheap Turkish products: tasteless winter tomatoes, clothes, construction materials, you name it. Turkish goods are everywhere – in specialized shops in central Tbilisi, supermarkets, and the Eliava Bazroba.

Is Some Degree of Corruption Good for Growth? – It Could Be.
15 February 2013

It is a commonly accepted view that corruption is bad for economic growth. It leads to an inefficient allocation of resources by contradicting the rules of fair competition and by setting wrong incentives.

Can Big Business Gain Access to Cheap Electricity?
31 January 2013

Can Georgia stimulate investment in electricity-intensive sectors by providing cheap electricity? To answer this question one has to first analyze the behavior of the wholesale electricity market during the past 3 years.