The Georgian Wine Industry: Recent Past and the Way Forward
24 May 2013

We are very happy to post the second part of Jacques Fleury's commentary on the Georgian Wine Industry. In the first part, Jacques reflected on the experience of surviving the Russian embargo, on the one hand, and dealing with a series of heavy-handed and incompetent government interventions, on the other.

Georgian Wine Industry: Recent Past and the Way Forward
15 May 2013

We are very happy to host on our blog a commentary by Jacques Fleury, the person behind the resurrection of Borjomi and a key player in the Georgian wine industry.

Celebrating the New Year. With an Extra Layer of Cheese
24 December 2012

This is the last issue of the Khachapuri Index column in 2012 (#44 this year and #74 overall since the project’s launch in June 2011). Therefore, we would like to wish our readers many causes for the magnificent Georgian supra in the new 2013, with a lot of khachapuri and wine.

Is small scale agriculture necessarily inefficient?
22 March 2012

The very sharp seasonal fluctuations in the prices of many agricultural products in Georgia are indicative of the state of the Georgian agricultural sector. Agriculture provides a safety net for a very large number of jobless people who might otherwise be starving and thus serves a very important social function.

The Georgian Christmas tree
24 December 2011

What would Christmas be without a Christmas tree? In Georgia, in Europe, or anywhere else in the world. But little known to most Europeans, most trees sold in Europe can trace their origin to Georgia.