Forest fires and climate change in Georgia – potential ways forward
20 June 2022

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, as well as the global pandemic, have diverted the world’s attention and in general, put climate change and the green economy onto the back burner of the political agenda.

April 2022 | CCI: Trend Reversal
24 May 2022

CCI decreases again. After the CCI’s quick comeback in March, the index failed to continue the upward trend and fell again after February’s shock; the index decreased by 2.9 index points – from -31.5 in March to -34.4 in April. Both the Present Situation Index and the Expectations Index contributed to the decrease, with the Present Situation Index dropping by 2.9 index points

Business Confidence Index: The downward trend continues!
26 April 2022

For the second quarter of 2022, business confidence in Georgia decreased (by 2.2 index points) and reached 15.1. The highest decrease in business confidence is observed in construction (-29.7), and wholesale and retail trade (-7.6) sectors. The negative change in BCI for Q2 2022 was driven by significantly worsened past performance.

Developing a circular economy in Georgia – the benefits, achievements, and challenges
26 April 2022

Circular economy and integrated waste management are both concepts we often hear when discussing issues of ecological well-being or climate change. This way of imagining the economy has already gained a foothold in many countries. The idea of the circular economy itself implies a different attitude towards patterns of production and consumption, that which aims to minimize wasted resources.

Gender gap widens during covid-19: the case of Georgia
25 April 2022

Gender inequality has been a persistent (albeit steadily improving) problem for years. The COVID-induced crisis put women in a disproportionately disadvantaged position, jeopardizing decades of progress achieved towards equality between men and women.