October 2022 | CCI: Descending confidence
22 November 2022

Worsened CCI. The Consumer Confidence Index fell from -24.1 in September to -28.3 in October (a 4.2 index point decline). Both the Expectations Index and the Present Situation Index moved downwards in tandem, declining by 3.3 and 5.1 points, respectively.

September 2022 | CCI: A minor fall in confidence
23 October 2022

CCI stumbled in September. After observing a positive trend in the CCI since May, a minor fall can be seen in September – from -23.9 in August to -24.1 in September (0.2 index points). The CCI’s two sub-indices moved in different directions...

August 2022 | CCI: The upward trend continues
23 September 2022

CCI continues to grow. By the end of the summer, a further, rather moderate increase of the CCI can be observed – from -25.5 in July to -23.9 in August (1.6 index points). There was an increase in both sub-indices – the Expectations Index and the Present Situation Index – of 0.4 and 2.9 points, respectively.

July 2022 | CCI: Expectations on the rise
14 September 2022

A slight increase in CCI: consumer confidence increased from -30.4 in June to -25.5 in July. This 4.5 index point increase was mostly driven by a jump in expectations – the Present Situation Index increased by 1.1 index points

June 2022 | CCI: The positive trend continues
05 August 2022

A slight increase in CCI: Consumer confidence has increased by 0.7 index points – from -31.1 in May to -30.4 in June. The Present Situation Index remained at a similar level with an increase of just 0.2 points