ISET-PI Researcher Attends Migration Summer Camp
04 July 2016

ISET PI researcher Maka Chitanava participated in the “International Summer School on Migration Research”, organized within the framework of two EU-funded projects, “Enhancing Georgia’s Migration Management” (an ENIGMMA project implemented in Georgia by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development), and the “Support for Implementation of the Mobility Partnership with Azerbaijan” project (a MOBILAZE endeavor implemented in Azerbaijan by the ICMPD).

We'll Take Our Countries Back and Make Them Great Again!
27 June 2016

For the likes of Boris Johnson, currently UK’s most popular politician and a leading figure of the Brexit revolt, “The European Union has become too remote, too opaque and not accountable enough to the people it is meant to serve.” But how about the UK itself? How close are 10 Downing Street or Westminster to the working-class folks of England’s industrial north? How representative is Britain’s Eton-educated ‘political class’ of the people they are meant to serve?

High Wages not Walls
25 June 2016

People who decide to leave their country and test their luck elsewhere are usually no random sample of a population. In his 1987 paper “Self-Selection and the Earnings of Immigrants” (American Economic Review 77, pp. 531-553), Harvard Political Scientist George J. Borjas discusses the so-called self-selection of migrants. As of 1987, the standard view among migration economists was that migrants, at least those who came to the United States, belonged to the “upper tails” of the income distributions in their home countries.

ISET Researchers Discuss Georgia's Demographic Challenges
19 April 2016

Georgia’s population is rapidly aging because of low fertility, improvements in the healthcare system, and labor migration. The challenges of living in an older society were discussed in a working group format as part of the “National Dialogue on Georgian Demographic Security Priorities”, April 18-19, which was attended by ISET-PI’s Maka Chitanava and Lasha Labadze. This UNFPA-supported dialog was initiated by the Georgian Parliament’s Healthcare and Social Policy Committee.

Diaspora Roles: Challenges, Opportunities and Models
29 May 2015

On Thursday, May 28th, at the request of the Office of the State Minister of Georgia for Diaspora Issues ISET hosted Liesl A. Riddle, associate professor of International Business and International Affairs at the George Washington University School of Business. Prof. Riddle gave a presentation titled “Diaspora Roles in Development around the World: Challenges, Opportunities & Models”.