Public Presentation of Brief Migration Profiles
24 April 2017

The SCMI Secretariat continues developing information and analytical documents in the field of migration aimed at highlighting tendencies and development perspectives based on relevant data collected.

Georgia and the Gravity of Migration
28 January 2017

Whatever Kim Jong-un’s propaganda says about the greatness of his country, it is a fact that nobody immigrates to North Korea but almost everyone wants to get out. Likewise, whatever conservative Muslims say about the depraved West – there is a huge net migration out of Muslim countries into these rotten and decadent Western societies.

Brief Migration Profile: Foreign Students in Georgia
30 December 2016

In December 2015 the State Commission on Migration Issues (SCMI) adopted a Medium Migration Profile (MMP). The MMP was elaborated with the active participation of all its member state agencies and the support of a project funded.

Assessment of Economic Impact of Immigrant Students in Georgia
01 November 2016

The project aims to estimate the impact of foreign students on Georgia’s economy. Since 2013, ICMPD has been carrying out the EU-funded project “Enhancing Georgia's Migration Management” (ENIGMMA). The project assists the Georgian government in managing and improving the conditions for migrants in Georgia.

Presentation of Migration Findings of ISET-PI at Three Conferences in September
03 October 2016

ISET Policy Institute presented research results on internal migration in Georgia at an international conference “Recent Migratory Processes and Europe: Challenges and Opportunities” that took place on September 29-30th in Tbilisi Biltmore Hotel. The presentation had already been given in the week before at a conference of the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics in Kyiv, Ukraine, and two weeks earlier at a workshop on regional economics held at the Ural Federal University in Ekaterinburg, Russia.