21 September 2016

The International School of Economics in Tbilisi (ISET) and ISET Policy Institute (ISET-PI) are seeking Multimedia Designer. The Multimedia Designer is generally responsible for producing, managing, and publishing multimedia materials for ISET and ISET-PI (photos, videos, and visualizations).

We Love EU: Exploring The Reasons Behind Brexit
20 September 2016

“Money Can’t Buy EU Love – European Funds and the Brexit Referendum” is the title of a paper by Dr. Jan Fidrmuc of Brunel University, and immediately evokes images of several months ago when Remain voters lined the streets of London with ‘We Love EU’ placards and gold and blue flags, as well as recent savage arguments in Brussels over the best course of action as the continent struggles to get over the shock of a member state opting to leave the union.

We'll Take Our Countries Back and Make Them Great Again!
27 June 2016

For the likes of Boris Johnson, currently UK’s most popular politician and a leading figure of the Brexit revolt, “The European Union has become too remote, too opaque and not accountable enough to the people it is meant to serve.” But how about the UK itself? How close are 10 Downing Street or Westminster to the working-class folks of England’s industrial north? How representative is Britain’s Eton-educated ‘political class’ of the people they are meant to serve?

Georgia’s Revolutions and Economic Development: from 2004 to Present Time
23 May 2016

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Georgian nation went through a process of rapid disinvestment and de-industrialization. It was forced to shut down industrial plants, sending scrap metal abroad, and workers into subsistence farming. Hunger has never become an issue thanks to the country’s moderate climate and good soil conditions, yet inequality and associated political pressures rapidly reached catastrophic dimensions, unleashing cycles of violence, undermining the political order, and inhibiting prospects of economic growth.

Georgia’s Revolutions and Economic Development: From Independence to Rose Revolution
16 May 2016

Having just celebrated its 25th anniversary as an independent state, Georgia remains in a state of revolutionary flux. Just like a box of chocolate, this beautiful country is full of contrasting flavors, never losing the ability to surprise and fascinate at every twist and turn of its history.