Proposed changes to the pension system increase risks for the 1,5 million pension fund participants
10 June 2024

In the past year or so Georgia has experienced significant declines in economic governance. In addition to the anti-democratic Law on Transparency of Foreign Influence (known as the Agents Law), several laws and legal amendments initiated by the ruling party and the Parliamentary majority have drawn significant attention from stakeholders, experts, and the general public.

May 2024 | Media (de)Polarization Index
31 May 2024

Polarization intensified further with the approval of the so-called Russian Law and the ongoing demonstrations. The index's peak coincides with large demonstrations in Europe Square and the overriding of the president's veto on the Russian law.

Georgia's tax code gamble with offshores
30 May 2024

The recent amendment to Georgia’s tax code, known as the “offshores law,” has sparked significant concern regarding the integrity of Georgia’s financial system. This policy brief examines the implications of this amendment in the context of Georgia’s recent political and regulatory developments, which have raised alarms about the potential risks of money laundering and sanctions evasion.

ECONOMIC POLICY ALERT: Amendments to the Law of Georgia on Funded Pensions
22 May 2024

The ISET Policy Institute has been closely monitoring and assessing the progress of pension reform for years. Respectively, we have reviewed the proposed changes and identified substantial risks for the effective organizational structure of the pension fund and the welfare of over 1.5 million participating citizens.

ISET Policy Institute's statement
03 May 2024

ISET Policy Institute, which since 2011 has been in service of the development agenda of the country through economic policy dialogue and evidence-based economic research condemns the government’s recent actions and reintroduction of the so-called ‘Russian Law’ that jeopardizes country’s European integration and puts its cooperation with authorities on hold until the Georgian government returns into service of the country’s European aspiration.