ISET hosted public seminar on the poverty and distributional implications of air pollution in Tbilisi
04 April 2024

On April 4th, ISET Policy Institute hosted a public seminar with discussions centered around air pollution, poverty, and equity in Tbilisi. Led by Alan Fuchs and Sandra Baquie from the Poverty and Equity Global Practice at the World Bank, the public seminar titled 'Poverty and Distributional Consequences of Air Pollution in Tbilisi' provided a platform for in-depth exploration and dialogue on this pressing issue.

ISET Policy Institute hosts ‘Polarization Harms’ event; presents Media (de)Polarization index
21 March 2024

On March 21st, the ISET Policy Institute convened the 'Polarization Harms' event at Hotel Stamba, welcoming esteemed scholars and experts to delve into the repercussions of media polarization.

ReforMeter hosted the third public-private dialogue on RIA institutionalization reform
19 March 2024

On March 19, ReforMeter and the USAID Economic Governance Program hosted a third public-private dialogue dedicated to assessing the progress of the RIA institutionalization reform that aims to integrate the execution of RIAs into the routine practice of policymaking and implementation.

ISET Policy Institute hosts roundtable on labor market challenges and prospects
01 March 2024

On March 1, the ISET Policy Institute and USAID Economic Governance Program hosted a roundtable discussion on "Labor Market Challenges and Prospects" in Batumi.

ISET Policy Institute hosts roundtable on the challenges of digital transformation within tourism
13 February 2024

On 13 February, the ISET Policy Institute and the USAID Economic Governance Program, within the framework of a joint project, hosted a roundtable discussion regarding the various challenges and prospects of digital transformation in the tourism industry.