2018 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences Won by William Nordhaus and Paul Romer
23 October 2018

Is it possible to make long-term predictions on how climate change and the economy co-evolve as a means to understand the impact climate change has on the economy? Or for that matter, in what ways governments could encourage technological innovation in order to assure the continuation of economic growth?

Application for Grants Financing Technology for New Markets Open in Georgia
31 August 2018

An open call for prospective enterprises developing cleantech products, systems, processes, or services has been announced. The projects should offer solutions in the area of climate change adaption or mitigation, ecosystem services, renewable energy, water, and sanitation or urban development.

A Financial Team-Up on Tackling Climate Change
18 January 2018

Why go small when you can go big in committing your multilateral development institute to concur with climate change? This is the exact intent of nine presidents of major financial institutions, amongst them the African Development Bank, the World Bank Group, the New Development Bank, and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

HSBC Launches USD 1 Billion Bond in Support of UN’s Global Goals
13 December 2017

Perhaps as an early Christmas gift to the international community rooting for a cross-sectoral solution on combatting climate change, HSBC has announced its commitment to establish the world’s first bond. As explained by HSBC themselves, the bond is closely linked to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Following seven selected SDG targets, HSBC will fund 1 billion USD through the bond and thus financially support projects set out to increase the sustainable well-being of communities and the environment.

The Long, Hot Summer: Why We Witnessed a Spike in Forest Fires, and What Can Be Done About It – Part II (man-made fires)
06 November 2017

Forest fires pose a threat to human life and property. As we discussed in a previous article, most countries throughout the world, Georgia included, suffered from an unusually high number of forest fires during the summer of 2017. In Georgia, this topic was the subject of a spirited public debate about whether these fires were wild or man-made. In our previous article we discussed how natural causes generate wild forest fires.