Priority Investment Sectors in Georgia
30 June 2016

This project identifies sectors and subsectors of the Georgian economy which have a higher potential for growth and which the Georgian Government should prioritise when designing strategies to attract foreign investors and increase EU export levels post DCFTA.

Shame on Europe!
06 June 2016

When half a year ago, I predicted in my article “Georgia Exporting Crime” that the visa liberalization would be stalled at the last moment, I was called a grumbler and alarmist. Unfortunately, usually, the pessimists get it right.

Policy Paper on DCFTA Implementation Progress
31 May 2016

This policy document was created through the project “Raising support and enhancing understanding of the Europeanization process in Georgia: information and communication campaign on EU-Georgia Association Agreement, including DCFTA” funded by the Romanian government.

Will Georgia Be Able to Benefit from Bilateral Free Trade Agreements?
02 May 2016

The Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement between Georgia and the EU, brought into effect in 2014, was hailed at the time by many as being of great importance to Georgian manufacturers and food/beverage producers. Yet, skeptics commented that 1) Georgia had already had more than 7000 articles duty-free and quota-free under the pre-existing GSP+ trade terms granted by the EU for many years, and 2) very few exporters had been able to take advantage of these concessions.

Georgia and Armenia: Not Trading Anymore?
22 April 2016

A dramatic y/y decline (44%) in Georgia’s 2015 exports to Armenia was the subject of a study by ISET-PI and the German Economic Team (GET). Our goal was to understand the extent to which this slump resulted from Armenia’s agreement to join the Eurasian Economic Union in 2014 (as part of this agreement, Armenia applied new trade barriers on imports from non-EEU countries in 2015).