Policy research

Shadow Analysis for Georgia
Status: End date
Project Milestones: Start date: 27.05.2019 End date: 30.08.2019

ISET Policy Institute implemented the project Shadow Analysis for Georgia in partnership with Ernst & Young Poland. 

Under the framework of the project, the ISET Policy Institute's team performed the following activities:

Potential contacts with local institutions that possessing important data and/or information that are not easily available, including statistics/information on electronic payments, financial inclusion, gross domestic product and its components, labor market, and sectoral structure of the economy, etc. 

Analysis of the regulatory environment related to electronic payments, including most important regulations and public initiatives in the last few years and, in particular, information whether different regulations promoting electronic payments investigated in the analysis (e.g., tax incentives for consumers, obligation to make an electronic payment of wages) are already binding or considered by any public authorities in Georgia.

Potential contribution to chapters on sectorial insights into the shadow economy and assessment of the current state of financial inclusion in Georgia

In cooperation with EY – prepare recommendations for promoting electronic payments and reducing the shadow economy in Georgia.