Deputy Head of Agricultural Policy Research Center

Rati Kochla 2

Irakli [Rati] Kochlamazashvili is a Deputy Head of the Agricultural Policy Research Center at the ISET Policy Institute. He has many years of experience in the field of agricultural economics and policy research. As a project manager and/or lead researcher, he has implemented more than 10 research projects as part of the ISET team. He managed the ENPARD project (cooperative development component) at ISET from 2015 to 2017. Prior to joining the ISET Policy Institute in 2014, Mr. Kochlamazashvili was a junior scientist at the University of Minnesota during 2012-2013.

Mr. Kochlamazashvili serves as an expert on Agricultural Policy, Rural and Regional Development Policy, Agricultural Cooperatives, Food and Agriculture Value Chains, Commodity Prices, International Trade, Impact Evaluation, and Access to Finance for SMEs. He is an experienced moderator, lecturer, trainer, and presenter who has worked with various types of stakeholders across Georgia and beyond.

Mr. Kochlamazashvili holds a Master’s Degree in Macroeconomics from Tbilisi State University (2012). During his master’s studies, he spent a semester at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich). After graduation, he studied applied and agricultural economics at the University of Minnesota in the United States (2012-2013). He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Tbilisi State University (2009). He is fluent in Georgian and English. Since 2015, Irakli is an invited lecturer of Economics at University of Georgia (2015-2017) and Ilia State University (since 2017).





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  1. One-year development of EU-funded agricultural cooperatives across Georgia

  2. Interagency Forum on Access to Finance for Agricultural Cooperatives

  3. Strawberry Market Research & Case Study: Cooperative Shamatia

  4. Research Paper “Livestock Farm Enterprise Models in the Kakheti Region”

  5. Research Paper “Value Chain Analysis of the Georgian Trout Sector”;

  6. Research Paper “Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) on Irrigation Tariff Methodology”

  7. Research Paper “Value Chain Analysis of the Georgian Tea Sector”

  8. Research Paper “Assessing the Food Security Data Relevance and Collection Mechanisms in the South Caucasus”

  9. Research Paper “Agriculture and Rural Development in Western Georgia: A Baseline Assessment”

  10. Research Paper “The Role of Family Farming in the Sustainable Development of Agriculture Sector and Poverty Reduction in Georgia”

  11. Research Paper “Value Chain Analysis of the Georgian Sheep Sector”

  12. Tea Cooperatives’ Round Table Discussion

  13. Stakeholders’ Forum on Tea Sector

  14. Stakeholders’ Forum on Trout Sector

  15. The Sustainable Development of Tea Cooperatives and the Tea Value Chain: The Case of Georgia

  16. Agriculture and Rural Development in Georgia - Insights from Four Baseline Studies

  17. Publishing articles on the ISET ECONOMIST Blog and in the Georgia Today and Financial magazines

  18. Infographics on food and agriculture production

  19. AGRIndex publications

  20. Evaluation of Pilot Projects in Tusheti

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