The Education Policy Forum (EPF) will generate a debate and communicate critical analyses regarding the government priorities and investments in education.

Education Policy Forum will discuss the goals, targets and developments outlined in the 2016-2020 education agenda with all stakeholders and address key thematic areas in view of the progress made and challenges that still exist. The EPF serves to pool information between the government and other stakeholders of education policy and to find a “national consensus” about the priorities and concrete reforms needed in the Georgian educational sector. It will be the initial, analytical stage of a subsequent reformation process to be implemented by the government, assisted by UNICEF, the World Bank, and ISET.


Main Researchers

Florian Biermann

Zurab Abramishvili

Tamta Maridashvili

Laura Manukyan

Donors and Partners

World Bank


Project Milestones

Status: Completed

Start Date: March 30, 2017

End Date: December 15, 2017

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