Due to the geomorphological characteristics of its territory and to its geographical location, the Re- public of Georgia is rich in hydro resources. According to the Georgian Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, so far Georgia has exploited only about 20% of its hydro resource potential. Since 2006 the Georgian government has been planning to utilize these resources to not only meet domestic demand, substituting hydro fully for electricity imports and thermal power plant (TPP) generation (burning imported gas), but also to turn Georgia into a regional provider of electricity.

The aim of the report is to summarize main findings from the interviews conducted by AYPEG and provide suggestions and recommendations for the research and training needs in the Georgian energy sector. Report also includes individual interview summaries (40 in total) as an appendix that enables to identify each organizations opinion on the research and training needs.

The aim of the project was to assess the main research objectives and training needs in the Georgian energy sector. Energy sector appears one of the most promising sectors in Georgia and especially hydro power which is one of the main resources of the country. On the other hand, more than 80% of the energy resource remains unutilized. Consequently, now when Georgia is paving its own way of economic development, it is crucial to determine main research questions and access training needs. This will help to allocate intellectual/financial resources where it is mostly required and help the sector to exploit country’s energy potential.

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