On February 25th, ISET hosted Riikka Savolainen, Ph.D. from the Aalto University, Finland. Dr. Savolainen holds a master’s degree from the Helsinki School of Economics. Her research interests include applied microeconometrics and political economy and, more specifically, intra-party heterogeneity and candidate strategies. Her general interests include history and political philosophy.

At ISET, Dr. Savolainen presented her job market paper “How does Economic Crisis Influence Politicians’ Environmental Policy Positions?”

The behavior of voters in response to change in micro and macroeconomic environment is well researched and studied. But Dr. Savolainen is interested whether change in municipal unemployment make the Finnish municipal elections candidates more willing to prioritize employment over environmental protection?

On Friday, February 20th, Jules Hugot from Sciences Po (Paris) gave a presentation of his job market paper "Trade Costs and the Two Globalizations: 1827-2012".

There are two main periods of modern era in trade literature: the First Globalization of the 19th century and the post-World War II Globalization. The first period is associated with the development of transportation and communication technologies (steamship and telegraph) and pro-trade policy (like golden standard). However, one of the main contributions of Dr. Hugot’s paper was to show that the first globalization period in Europe started in the 1840’s, much earlier than the previous literature suggested.

On February 19th, ISET hosted Lasha Chochua from the University of Bielefeld. Mr. Chochua presented the preliminary version of his paper "Endogenous Trade Policy in the Presence of Lobbying and Heterogeneously Ignorant Voters" coauthored with George Papava from the University of Chicago. This was a very exceptional presentation as both Mr. Chochua and Mr. Papava are ISET graduates of the very first, Class 2008.

Before presenting his paper, Mr. Chochua shared his personal experience as an ISET graduate, stating that the two years that he spent here, were the best years of his life in terms of studying and gaining friends.

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