On Friday, April 3rd, Professor Sergey Popov from the Queen's University Belfast visited ISET to present his paper titled "On Publication, Refereeing, and Working Hard” co-authored with Sascha Baghestanian, junior professor at the department for management and applied microeconomics at Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany.

Mr. Popov started his talk by providing some real-life examples – when authors got rejected from journals or vice versa. He explained that publication process in Economics has changed significantly in the last decades. New journals emerged, both general and field-specific.

On Wednesday, April 1st, ISET hosted Dr.  Asger Moll Wingender from the University of Copenhagen. Dr. Wingender presented his paper “Irrigation and Autocracy” co-authored with Jeanet Sinding Bentzen and Nicolai Kaarsen.

The speaker began the presentation by introducing the topic of the paper – how autocracy and irrigation can be related to each other. The link between these two was noted first in 19th century by Adam Smith and Karl Marx and was widely talked over in Karl Wittfogel’s work “Oriental Despotism”.

On Friday, March 20th, in the conference hall of ISET, Jan Fidrmuc from Brunel University gave a presentation titled "How Persistent Is Social Capital?”. In the beginning of the presentation he has defined Social Capital (SK) as one of the factors of production which encourages cooperation and helps to overcome free-riding. Fidrmuc presented different measures of Social Capital such as social connections and interactions expressed in interpersonal relations, civic participation, trust and reciprocity.

Guest speaker talked about the social and economic effects of Social Capital and argued that contemporaneous Social Capital need not be determined by long-term historical legacies.

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