On September 4, 2014 ISET Conference Hall hosted Dr Sophie Ghvanidze, Hochschule Heilbronn, with her presentation. Does Country-of-Origin Matter? The Case of Georgian Wine for German Wine Consumers".The purpose of this study is to identify dimensions of country images of Georgia in terms of benefits sought by German wine consumers of Georgian wine. Four consumers perceived values quality, price, social and emotional value identify the perception of consumers for Georgian wine.

A survey was conducted to determine the impact of Georgia's Country Image on the perceptional drivers of consumer preferences for Georgian wine. The Partial-Least-Squares (PLS) Method was applied to examine relationships that may exist between the consumer drivers, preferences for Georgian wine, and dimensions of Georgia's country Image. Linking those dimensions of country image of Georgia to consumers motivational factors, price and quality perception, social acceptance and emotional value related to Georgian wine will help to develop marketing communication strategies for a country umbrella brand Georgia.Practical applications of this study extend beyond the Georgian wine industry and include generalizations for the identification of dimensions of Georgia's country image to be included in a country umbrella brand Georgia for positioning Georgian wine on the German market.The presentation was followed by an intensive QA session regarding the current problems of Georgian wine on the global market and potential solutions to them.

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