On Monday June 13, ISET hosted Miranda Svanidze, an ISET graduate and current PhD student of Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Development in Transition Countries (IAMO). She gave a presentation entitled “Spatial Integration of Wheat Markets in the South Caucasus and Central Asia”.

The study examines the degree of integration of South Caucasian and Central Asian wheat markets with global wheat markets. The South Caucasian market is represented by Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan, while Kyrgyzstan represents Central Asia. All the countries of interest are dependent on wheat exports from the so-called Black Sea region, which consists of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The study is based on the national level monthly producer prices and export prices for the period of 2006-2014.

As a result of the research, it was concluded that markets in the South Caucasus region function more efficiently compared to Central Asia. In order to improve market integration for Central Asia, it is recommended that trade costs be reduced by investing in trade infrastructure i.e. transportation systems and storage facilities.

The presentation was followed by a lively discussion.

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