ISET students visiting Stockholm have returned to Georgia after spending a week in Sweden as guests of the Stockholm School of Economics. While the students attended several lectures at a number of different universities, their time was not limited to studying alongside their Swedish counterparts: instead of a solely academic trip, the students were also taken to visit the Swedish Central Bank and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sweden, which allowed them to compare the inner workings of one of Europe’s leading economies with their own country.

In addition, the visiting ISETers took part in a number of meetings focused on students’ professional and academic opportunities, wherein they were also introduced to Stockholm’s history. Arguably more importantly, however, was the opportunity to simply wander around Stockholm and experience Sweden’s culture first-hand. The students have enthusiastically reported their universally positive impressions of Sweden’s capital city and its people; most poignantly, they highlighted the importance of Georgia continuing its progress so that it may one day take its place as a full member of the European family.

ISET is very grateful to its Swedish partners for hosting the students and giving them such unique opportunities to learn and develop. This is another chapter in the long series of collaborative efforts between ISET and its partners and supporters in Stockholm.

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