On October 4th, ISET students at every level and every stage of their studies were given a unique opportunity by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development – to have their own research be used and cited in an EBRD report on Georgia. In addition, the students will be able to use their work as part of any thesis they will be submitting in the near future.

Working in small teams, the students will have the chance to identify the main obstacles and challenges facing Georgia’s private sector. Their research, therefore, will help shape the EBRD’s future activities and investments in the country.

After drafting a proposal which defines the identified obstacle facing private businesses, select teams will attend a one-day workshop organized by the EBRD. This will be followed by the submission of a written thesis that fully explains and analyzes the issue, the results of which will then be presented to a panel of judges.

The winners will have their ideas reflected in an upcoming EBRD report on Georgia, along with the opportunity to work in the EBRD’s office in Tbilisi for one week. In addition, several runners-up may also have their ideas cited in the document if the research is deemed relevant and of sufficient quality.

The report to which the students will be contributing will form part of the EBRD’s ‘country diagnostics’, an essential part of the EBRD’s analysis of a nation in which it is investing. EBRD findings related to Azerbaijan were shown to the audience in order to give them some idea of how the Bank works and in what way their research will eventually be used should they be fortunate enough to win.

ISET wishes the very best of luck to those students taking part and is grateful to the EBRD for providing such a generous opportunity.

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