A total of 162 of Georgia’s top scoring students on the country’s national NAEC exam have chosen to study at ISET, constituting the third intake of first-year students for the institute’s BA program. The number of students set to graduate in 2023 is clearly indicative of the prestige and popularity of ISET degrees, and the figure has doubled since the second generation of BA students began their studies in 2018.

That ISET offers the most economic programs in the South Caucasus is well-known, and while the institute regularly welcomes students from all across Georgia (as well as from neighboring Azerbaijan and Armenia) on both its MA and BA programs, this year ISET has attracted students from as far away as Germany and South Korea. In fact, the class of 2023 will have no fewer than nine nationalities within its ranks.

At this time, the top ten students in NAEC ranks in the Tbilisi State University Faculty of Business and Economics are ISETers, proof that no matter how large the institute becomes, its high standards of education are maintained.

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