Economic info for non-economists

Economics play a pivotal role in the life of any nation (and thereby influence the circumstances of its citizens), and as any ISET graduate will testify, it is hardly the simplest of disciplines. Even someone who has spent years studying the subject will find certain aspects difficult to explain to the those with a limited understanding, or even stray into territory which becomes subjective and a matter of opinion. Therefore, the layman, when confronted with economics as a governing part of their lives, may feel somewhat overwhelmed, and struggle to reconcile academic concepts with tangible examples. ISET has decided to attempt to help with the challenge by launching a new series of bite-sized, informative pieces explaining certain facets of economics for those who have not had the benefit of studying the subject in any depth. These will be in the form of pictographs, videos, and written media, and will address complex ideas in a detailed but simple fashion in order to spread awareness on how economic issues affect our everyday lives.
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