In early February, Dr Leruth gave a presentation to the G20's Task Force on Multilateralism and Global Governance. His address, entitled "Identifying Ultimate Beneficial Owners: A risk-based approach to improve the transparency of international financial flows", is also the key aspect of a research paper which is being co-authored and produced by representatives from the universities of Liege and Tilburg; it will be published by July. To have a member of ISET's faculty address members of a G20 Task Force is an extremely proud moment for ISET. The institute offers heartfelt congratulations him on yet another career achievement.

ISET is proud to welcome Mr. Luc Leruth, a professional of considerable academic experience who has worked for many years in financial institutions, to the ISET Policy Institute as one of its Lead Economists. A native of Belgium, Mr. Leruth previously worked as the Director of a number of the IMF's Technical Assistance Centres in Africa and the Pacific region. He has also enjoyed a career in academia, having spent time at the Indian Statistical Institute in Delhi, and the universities of Liege, Brussels, and Essex, with his work being published in a number of scientific journals.

Mr. Leruth first visited Georgia in 2019, and during his time in the country was invited by ISET to give a presentation to the community, which led to his interest in both the institute and the country. As well as bringing his considerable experience in academia and the financial streak, Mr. Leruth has a considerable creative flair, having published a number of novels: he hopes his time in Georgia will inspire him for another.

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