On December 23, a lunch meeting was organized for EPAC members to discuss whether laws on antidumping are necessary. The event was organized by Georgian Lawyers for Independent Professions, Governing for Growth (G4G), and the Society of Free Individuals. ISET Policy Institute researcher Gigla Mikautadze was invited as a guest speaker, and presented his views on the need for antidumping regulations and possible economic consequences. Despite the fact that many countries regulate prices of imported goods, there are dozens of countries not having any antidumping law.

Before Georgia decides to adopt new laws in this regard, it should be deeply considered whether Georgia needs such regulations at the moment. All possible positive and negative outcomes should be discussed and compared before the Georgian Government makes any decision. Supporters of antidumping regulations usually argue that Georgia must be able to defend itself from "unfair" trade, but there is not enough evidence of such cases to support their arguments at this time. In addition, antidumping law will cause an increase in bureaucracy, which could negatively affect the business environment in Georgia.

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