On November 8, 2012 Professor Einar Hope, from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), delivered a public seminar for ISETers, representatives of the Georgian energy sector and international organizations working in the field.

The seminar’s main focus was on the issue of the optimal composition of the electricity system and its regulation. In particular, it addressed the issues of optimal pricing, sustainability and the security of the supply side of the sector.

Professor Hope provided a comprehensive description of the Norwegian electricity system and explained how it interacts with the wider Scandinavian system.

ISET is pleased to announce that from October 30 through November 12, 2012, it will host a number of seminars on topics related to energy markets. Professor Einar Hope, a visiting faculty member at ISET, will deliver this seminar series, which was organized by students and professors of ISET’s Concentration in Energy and Natural Resources Management. The seminars will be open to students, graduates and ISET faculty.

Professor Einar Hope’s research interests are industrial organization and competition policy, energy market analysis and regulation and financial market analysis and regulation.

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