The purpose of this event was to discuss the role of energy and water supply sectors for job creation and poverty reduction, as well as suggest improvements to existing policies affecting access to, and efficient use of, scarce resources. Georgia, just like other countries of South Caucasus region, is characterized with significant energy poverty. Electricity consumption per capita in the country is only 23% of OECD average. This is due to the low incomes in the country and the fact that people cannot afford using basic energy-intensive equipment, such as washing machines, refrigerators etc.

On 23 October, 2014 ISET hosted sixth of the series of events concerning inclusive growth. The topic of the event was the energy and water supply sectors.

The main goal of the Inclusive Growth Dialogues, funded by the Swiss Cooperation Office for the South Caucasus, is to provide a neutral platform for a regular discussion of Georgian government policies, donor programs, and civil society-driven initiatives to promote inclusive growth.

All interested stakeholders are engaged in a series of roundtable meetings and lectures complemented by follow up site visits, additional research and analysis.

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